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CKGS Service Charges

A detailed list of fee is mentioned below:


Sl. No.

Pricing Details


1. For applicants who have filled out their applications online using the Italy Application Portal, and only turn up at the CKGS Visa Application Centre to deliver their passports and supporting documents Rupee1150
2. For applicants registering their applications online at the Visa Application Centre Rupee1650
3. For applicants who fill out their application forms in paper Rupee2250
Value Added Services – Optional Services
Courier Intercity
Photo booth
Rupee200 one way Per Applicant
Rupee60 Per Applicant
Rupee2 Per Page
Rupee150 for 4 photographs


Service Charge includes all taxes.

* Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

* All visa fees and service charges are non refundable.

* All visas are subject to approval from the The Consulate General of Italy, Dubai, New Delhi

* Please check our value added service for more information.