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Cancellation Policy

The visa application cancellation will be initiated or commenced, only if the applicant requests for the cancellation of the visa application in writing to the Company. If any visa application needs to be cancelled which is under process or is approved but not used, the same will be subject to the relevant rules and regulations of the particular Consulates, besides that of the Company.

In case of cancellation of the visa application, only the original passports of the applicants/travelers will be returned to the applicants. The application form signed by the travelers/applicants for submitting the visa application will be affixed with the "CANCELLED" stamp on the face and will be retained in the file records for future reference.

The Visa fees and the CKGS Service Charges are strictly non-refundable. Please note that there may be additional fees payable to the Consulates for cancellation of the visa application, which will be advised to you at the time of submission of the visa application cancellation.

For further information about the refund policy please visit Refund Policy.