Apply for Form Filling Assistance

  • Visa Form filling assistance is provided to those applicants who choose “Form filling Assistance Service” from CKGS.
  • Applicants who are unable to fill the visa application form online can come to CKGS Visa Application Center and Fill their visa form.
  • Applicant will be provided with a waiting area where they can fill their visa application form under the guidance of CKGS Staff.
  • Applicant will be provided support and guidance from CKGS Staff to fill the visa application form.

Please Note:
CKGS Staff will only provide guidance and explain the entire visa form filling process to the applicant. However, the actual visa form filling has to be done by the applicant.

For applicants who are not able to fill up online forms can fill up forms in the waiting area with the support and guidance of a customer service executive who will provide information to the applicant & help in the process.

Ideally, the applicants should be filling it up themselves.

For form filling at the CKGS VAC

Form Filling Assistance Charges : AED 150.00